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5 Tips To Ease Your Back Pain Right Now

1.  Keep moving! In the "old days" you got put on bed rest for a week. If you need a vacation from life but want to keep your back pain go ahead and lay in bed! However, with more research of how the human body works we know that continued mobility helps heal. Our bodies were meant to work!  A tip f…

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Are You Ready to Buy Your Next Pair of Running Shoes but Don't Know Where to Start? Let Human Race Health Guide You.

When buying a pair of running shoes the most important thing to remember is that the best shoe for you may not be the one your mom or best friend told you is "the best" shoe.  Just like your favorite pair of jeans may not fit someone else like they do for you.


Each person has a different …

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How to Know if You Need to See a Physical Therapist Today

If you are an athlete of any ability suffering with an acute injury such as a sprained ankle, knee pain, pain in your hip every time you run or kick a ball or maybe you have a chronic injury that keeps reappearing then Physical Therapy is right for you!   At Human Race Health we are trained to look …

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Want Better Abs This Year? Three Tips to Make Your New Years Resolutions Stick in 2019

Now that we are a week into 2019 have you stayed on track for your resolutions?  Here are 3 tips to stay on track for your 2019 resolutions and goals. These can be applied to anything in life but the new year always seems to be a great time to reevaluate where we are and how much better we can be th…

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Your Spine Is Asking You To Learn These Posture Tips As Soon As Possible!

A lot of people have long commutes, travel on the weekends or even in and out of the car doing errands getting by with pain. Here are a few of my favorite posture tips for driving in the car to help ease pain but also prevent pain! Some of these same tips can be applied to sitting at your desk too!

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Three Things You Didn't Know About Your Thoracic Spine and Why You Should Find Out Today!

1. It's located between your neck and low back and underneath your shoulder blades.  Therefore, the thoracic spine directly affects the upper and lower spine as well as the shoulder. Ever have back or neck pain?  It could be directly related to your thoracic spine.


2. It's highly affected…

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If You Are Looking For A Physical Therapist In Sarasota Let Human Race Health Help You Understand If Physical Therapy Is Right For You Today!

If you are looking for a Physical Therapist in Sarasota it usually means one thing..pain!  If you are suffering with pain, discomfort or injury and limited from doing the things you love then Physical Therapy is right for you.  Good news! You can see a Physical Therapist in FL and most states withou…

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Human Race Health Can Help You Improve Your Ankle and Foot Stability and Ease Your Plantar Fasciitis Part III

Plantar Fasciitis Part III

➰To maintain a strong and healthy foot and ankle and to decrease the risk for further pain then maintaining the balance of mobility in the ankle and stability of the foot is key. When the foot and ankle are strong this decreases the strain to the plantar fascia as well…

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Human Race Health Presents Plantar Fasciitis Exercises Part Two To Limit Your Pain and Improve Mobility Of Your Foot

➰Did you know that Plantar Fasciitis is the most common cause of pain in the heel? It occurs when the ligament becomes inflamed. Decreasing the inflammation will therefore reduce pain.

➰The Windlass Effect is important because this mechanism allows the plantar fascia to shorten the distance bet…

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Have you heard of national wiggle your toes day? Well lets get those toes wiggling with plantar fasciitis exercises to decrease pain and improve the spring in your step!

Did you know it’s National Wiggle Your Toes Day? Well, apparently that’s a thing so in honor we have a few exercises to address plantar fasciitis. And sorry for the spoiler alert, that might involve some toe wiggling. The plantar fascia is a connective tissue that runs from the heel to the toes and …

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You may not find Jerry Springer here but you can find a local Sarasota run that will foster community, friendship, fun and maybe some beer

Running groups are a great way to take some accountability, foster new relationships with other runners and become part of a community.  Here is the most updated list of local runs in the Sarasota area as of 2018.  


1.  Centennial Park Downtown Venice 6:00 AM 


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Begin customizing your run today by getting your feet on the trails at one of these 5 Sarasota locations

If you're like me when you're thinking of somewhere to run then you want to know how many miles you can log, is it flat and is there a bathroom!? One nice and tidy list for those runners out there like me.


The Legacy Trail.  The Legacy Trail is a 12.5 mile (one way) recreation trail in Sarasot…

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