Are You Ready to Buy Your Next Pair of Running Shoes but Don't Know Where to Start? Let Human Race Health Guide You.

When buying a pair of running shoes the most important thing to remember is that the best shoe for you may not be the one your mom or best friend told you is "the best" shoe.  Just like your favorite pair of jeans may not fit someone else like they do for you.


Each person has a different body type, a different way of striking the ground with their foot and even more so if you have an injury.  Tips for buying shoes is to try them on! This sounds obvious but so many people buy shoes based on looks/color etc. Start with a neutral shoe and if you are a runner than run around in them!  Or if you're not a runner, run anyways, you never know if you'll have to chase your dog! How do they feel!? If they feel good, then you may want to try looking at the same brand of shoe but a stability or motion control version to feel the difference. If you’re running long distance you may need to buy a shoe a ½ size bigger to accommodate for foot swelling and decrease risk for black toenails.  


Luckily most stores will give you a certain amount of time to return the shoes if they do not fit properly so make sure you take advantage and get some miles logged early on to ensure they are your shoes!  


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