Your Spine Is Asking You To Learn These Posture Tips As Soon As Possible!

A lot of people have long commutes, travel on the weekends or even in and out of the car doing errands getting by with pain. Here are a few of my favorite posture tips for driving in the car to help ease pain but also prevent pain! Some of these same tips can be applied to sitting at your desk too!

1.  Tilt your rear view mirror up just slightly for that cue to sit up straight. You’ll notice that if you begin to slump you’ll have a difficult time looking in the mirror.

2.  Use a rolled up towel behind your back to give feedback for upright posture and provide lumbar support. This helps prevent what we call sacral sitting which puts undue pressure on the lower portion of the spine.

3.  An easy exercise to do while sitting is a pelvic tilt which helps keep the low back mobile while also engaging the abdominals, pelvic floor and when combined with breathing also the diaphragm.

4.  Stay hydrated which ultimately helps your tissues stay mobile. Our bodies are made up of mostly water so when we become dehydrated nutrients are leached from the tissues which can lead to pain, injury, stiff sensations.

5.  Take breaks! Get out of the car if you’re traveling to allow for change in position, maybe some active stretching or squats. Set a timer on your phone to at least change position or check in with your posture.

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