Want Better Abs This Year? Three Tips to Make Your New Years Resolutions Stick in 2019

Now that we are a week into 2019 have you stayed on track for your resolutions?  Here are 3 tips to stay on track for your 2019 resolutions and goals. These can be applied to anything in life but the new year always seems to be a great time to reevaluate where we are and how much better we can be this year!

1.  Make goals small and attainable.

⌾If they are bite size goals it’s easier to see your progress and stay motivated! Think daily and weekly first.


2. Tell someone about your goals to make yourself accountable.

⌾Having a “goal buddy” gives you a 10x more success rate!


3.  Make your goals specific.

⌾For example don’t just say I want to lose weight. Set a goal such as “I will lose 3 lbs in 2 weeks.”


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