5 Tips To Ease Your Back Pain Right Now

1.  Keep moving! In the "old days" you got put on bed rest for a week. If you need a vacation from life but want to keep your back pain go ahead and lay in bed! However, with more research of how the human body works we know that continued mobility helps heal. Our bodies were meant to work!  A tip for if you have pain or not: Set a timer to get up and move, especially if you are at a desk all day.


2. The typical person has significant hamstring tightness which pulls on the low back and can change the posture for the worse. Stretch those hammies!

3.  Pain free range. It's important to keep moving but in the pain free range only. You can move to that point of pain but going past the pain actually increases inflammation which starts the pain cycle all over again.

4.  Change your mindset! Staying positive and knowing that your back pain will get better is an important part of the healing process. Visualize yourself moving normally and manifest healing and it will come.

5. Hydrate.  Drinking about half your body weight in ounces of water will help the healing process.  Your body is made of almost 50-75% water dependent on your age, therefore, drinking enough water will flood your cells and eliminate toxins.


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