Human Race Health Presents Plantar Fasciitis Exercises Part Two To Limit Your Pain and Improve Mobility Of Your Foot

➰Did you know that Plantar Fasciitis is the most common cause of pain in the heel? It occurs when the ligament becomes inflamed. Decreasing the inflammation will therefore reduce pain.

➰The Windlass Effect is important because this mechanism allows the plantar fascia to shorten the distance between the heel and toes as the big toe lifts creating a natural arch. Propulsion through space, shock absorption, body weight support and adjustments to uneven terrain are all a result of this mechanism. If the fascia has limitations due to mobility of the big toe this can contribute to pain and limit the ability for the Windlass Effect to occur. These exercises will help improve mobility of the great toe and surrounding tissues. As always consult your local provider or us at Human Race Health if you need assistance. These exercises are suggestions and may need to be varied based on your personal condition.

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