Human Race Health Can Help You Improve Your Ankle and Foot Stability and Ease Your Plantar Fasciitis Part III

Plantar Fasciitis Part III

➰To maintain a strong and healthy foot and ankle and to decrease the risk for further pain then maintaining the balance of mobility in the ankle and stability of the foot is key. When the foot and ankle are strong this decreases the strain to the plantar fascia as well as the knee.
➰If you are running then the foot absorbs up to 7 x your body weight in force every step. For example a 100 lb person absorbs approximately 700 lbs!
➰Perform these exercises 3x10 to 3x15 repetitions all without pain. If you can perform 10 without pain but 15 triggers pain then stick to pain free and progress as able!
➰ These exercises are to challenge and improve the stability and therefore further reduce plantar fasciitis. Adjusting the rate, speed, surface and varying from double to single legs are all ways to challenge your stability.
➰As always consult your local provider or us at Human Race Health if you need assistance. These exercises are suggestions and may need to be varied based on your personal condition.

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