Begin customizing your run today by getting your feet on the trails at one of these 5 Sarasota locations

If you're like me when you're thinking of somewhere to run then you want to know how many miles you can log, is it flat and is there a bathroom!? One nice and tidy list for those runners out there like me.


The Legacy Trail.  The Legacy Trail is a 12.5 mile (one way) recreation trail in Sarasota in out and back fashion.  It is multi-use with bikers, runners, walkers and the like.  It has a nice flat paved trail that spans from Palmer Ranch neighborhood of Sarasota to Venice.  On either side you see much of typical Florida views from palm trees and marshlands with several water views closer to Venice.  It is user friendly and minimal interaction with roads and cars along the way make it a safe environment to log those miles. There are a few porta-potties and water fountain stops along the trail but you'll have to keep your eyes peeled.  Lots of shady stops to sit and rest if you need a mid run siesta.

John Ringling Causeway.  If you love hill repeats or you would just like some of the best views of Sarasota then this is your best bet.  It is about 3 miles round trip starting at either end off the bridge by parking at the Marina near the Surrender Statue or West of the bridge at Bird Key Park. More miles can be tacked on by running Golden Gate Point neighborhood just before the bridge, St Armand's circle to Lido Key or the other direction into downtown.  Great place to catch sunrise or sunset with panoramic views of Sarasota Bay.

Celery Fields.  This is a known place to view various bird species and the marshlands of Florida while out running. Big Cat Habitat is nearby so do not be startled by the sound of lions. It is approximately 4 miles around the perimeter with more miles that can be added with hill repeats up to Observation Hill.  Bathrooms and water fountains located at the parking lot at the base of Observation Hill.

Nathan Benderson Park.  This is a nicely paved loop located near University Town Center that is 3.5 miles around the rowing lake in a 600 acre community park.  There is a playground for kids, public bathrooms and water fountain access.  Lots of action here during rowing events and plenty of shops and restaurants nearby to refuel post run.

Siesta Key. To have the well packed white sand between your toes with picturesque views of the Gulf you can run about 3 miles one way on Siesta Key Beach. If you prefer to wear your running shoes or need more miles then you can follow the roads from Siesta Key Village to Turtle Beach 5.5 miles one way with sidewalks interspersed with road running.  Public bathrooms located at Siesta Key Beach parking lot and a nice place to go for a post run swim to cool down. 

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