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You may not find Jerry Springer here but you can find a local Sarasota run that will foster community, friendship, fun and maybe some beer

Running groups are a great way to take some accountability, foster new relationships with other runners and become part of a community.  Here is the most updated list of local runs in the Sarasota area as of 2018.  


1.  Centennial Park Downtown Venice 6:00 AM 


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Begin customizing your run today by getting your feet on the trails at one of these 5 Sarasota locations

If you're like me when you're thinking of somewhere to run then you want to know how many miles you can log, is it flat and is there a bathroom!? One nice and tidy list for those runners out there like me.


The Legacy Trail.  The Legacy Trail is a 12.5 mile (one way) recreation trail in Sarasot…

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